About our firm of architects

About our firm of architects

Our office is in Palma de Mallorca and takes care of commercial architectural projects, individual and collective domestic architecture, as well as issues related to the jurisprudence of constructed objects.

Our permanent staff is complemented by a network of external partners having specific functions, such as interior design, project activities, load structures, on-site monitoring, and so on.


Territorial development of the Balearic Islands has turned into a consolidated metropolitan area. For this reason constructions which are the first and second homes, both in urban and rural environment, make up the vast majority of projects our office deals with.

As part of a highly protected natural environment with very restrictive Building Regulations, our research works to find appropriate solutions in a respectful balance between the legal requirements, these being the respect of the property and the natural environment, as well as the satisfaction of personal or business desires.

Our Team

  • Gabriela Kacelnik
  • Luis Bevacqua
    Technical Architect responsible for the office
  • Margarita Crego
    Architect and supervision of works
  • Roberto Merlo
    Technical architect and structural engineer


  • Chelo Martínez
    Technical Architect
  • Andrés Mas
    Accounting consulting
  • Axel Kacelnik

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